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The most ridiculous vehicles ever produced?

Back in the '70s, industrialist Bruce Mohs designed and attempted to market two vehicles of his own design.
The first one, the Mohs Ostentatienne Opera Sedan, reportedly had a total production run of…one.
His other design, the Mohs Safarikar MAY have been sold to as many as 3 buyers.

As one writer put it, “Apparently Mr. Mohs and good taste have never been introduced to each other”.

I’m sure that there are other vehicles that other forum members would like to nominate for the title of Most Ridiculous Vehicle Ever Produced, so…that are your nominees for this dubious honor?

I find the whole set of ‘new classics’ ridiculous, like the Zimmer:

And this (see link) just might be what future cars will look like. I like it. It’s time to get rid of the needless drag in lieu of aerodynamics. I always felt that form should follow function. Should be quieter too.

I nominate pretty much anything made by AMC,topping the list would be the infamous AMC Pacer and the AMC Ambassador station wagon.

Way back when Lybia was run by Omar Gadafi, he ordered a fleet of superfast desert patrol vehicles form Lamborghini. They basically turned the Diablo into an SUV, but through various problems, it was abandoned. Lamborghini for a while tried to sell it as a civilian super SUV, but there were no takers.

The ones that are left wopuld be collector items and would be perfect Baja racers if they stayed together for the length of the race.

Way back when Lybia was run by Omar Gadafi, he ordered a fleet of superfast desert patrol vehicles form Lamborghini.

Was that when Gadafi owned 20% of Fiat?

@Mike Not sure, but Lamborghini was a competitor of Ferrari, which is owned by Fiat. The company itself makes farm tractors and other prosaic equipment.

Texases, I like the Zimmer. The droptop is even nicer.

I don’t know, @Mountainbike, those three wheel vehicles don’t look very stable to me. They look like they would flip over in a 15 MPH turn. One thing I’ve never liked about three wheeled motorcycles and motorcycles with sidecars is how careful you have to be on them in turns. You have to slow waaaay down to make even basic turns.

The Deltawing has 4 wheels and will out-handle just about anything on the road.

Whitey, it’s really a four wheel vehicle, but I would have thought the same thing except that a delta wing racecar performed downright admirably at LeMans until it was hit by another racecar, and they’re being designed for other races. At LeMans, where fuel allowance is strictly mandated, it proved to require less power (hence less fuel) to compete at LeMans speeds. It really exceeded everyone’s expectations.

I think the late model full size behemoths they call pick ups are right up there

Those are really the ugliest cars I’ve ever seen. Reminds me again of the Johnny Cash song. Like he had a box full of Lincoln, Chrysler and other parts and just used them all.

I myself am OK with sacrificing a little function for good form. Cars need to be styled well.

I’ll go with the Trabant from the former East Germany. Designed by committee for the masses, which is why they were dumped en masse after the Iron Curtain came down.

Being designed by committee or focus group doesn’t always end in disaster. The Honda Nighthawk 750 is an example of a motorcycle that was designed in such a fashion, and I’d call it a success.

Micro cars. Any of them. Messerschmitt, FMR, Atlas Babycar, and the Ardex looks like a cardboard box on wheels. Check them out here:

I see two in that link that I’ve driven; the Isetta and the Segway. Actually, I was surprised that the Segway was included in that group.

Didn’t you own an Isetta SMB?

The most ridiculous to me because of the sheer pretentinous of it was the Subaru 4-door sedan that was offered back in the 80s and was meant to mimic a Lincoln Town Car. There were only a few of those things around and that was a few too many.

A thickly padded vinyl roof, opera windows, and cheap gold electroplated plastic from one end to the other; both inside and out.
No one in the shop could stomach looking at it and our unanimous assumption was that anyone who ventured out into public in it suffered from either a total lack of dignity or loss of eyesight.

Second to the mini-fake Town Car was the 2-door Subaru sedan that was offered with a fake convertible top. The metal roof was covered with a padded vinyl cover stitched to resemble a ragtop and the best that could be said about it was that it was the lesser of 2 evils.

Japanese consensus is quite different than east german/communist consensus