Should I buy this car

Hello, Im trying to get a Hummer H3 2006 .

It cost 16000 with 74k .

My problem is that CARFAX show an Accident reported
Involving rear impact With another motor vehicle in 2011 .

Now 2013 the car records show it

Pre-delivery inspection completed
State safety inspection completed
Oil and filter changed
Two tires mounted and balanced
Emission system checked
Headlight bulb(s) replaced
Front wiper blades/refills replaced
Brake fluid flushed/changed

10/11/2013 73,995 Failed emissions inspection

10/14/2013 74,039 State safety inspection completed,Emission system checked,Battery replaced

10/14/2013 Passed emissions inspection

My questions are

Can This car had o has frame damage.?

Do you think that if i buy it and then i want to sell it, i can have problems selling it because of the Accident reported
Involving rear impact With another motor vehicle in 2011?

Here the carfax of the car


If your price is low upon entry, I would think it would be acceptable. As long as you also expect your exit price to also be low. Don’t pay par book value, only to find out noone will buy this crashed vehicle from you unless you are 3-4K below market.

From a economical perspective, I would not purchase this vehicle due to repairs and reliability, but that doesn’t sound fun at all. Sometimes, just live and enjoy life. Good luck.

I wouldn’t buy the vehicle because there are way too many red flags. In addition, this vehicle is overpriced in my opinion. It will, more than likely, be a money pit.

I agree with @missileman and I also am not a big fan of the H3. I’d take that money and buy the best 4Runner, Xterra, or Pilot I could find.

Can you afford to gas it up? In addition to all the other red flags named already, this is a vehicle to run away from.

I too agree with Missileman.
But, then, IMHO even a brand new H3 is a bad buy. You pay a huge premium and sacrifice economy, comfort and utility for style. Add to that the unknowns with this particular vehicle and I’d avoid it like the plague.

The only way to know about frame damage is to have a pre-purchase inspection by a competent mechanic with a lift. You might want to find a shop with an alignment system to see if it tracks straight. It should cost $100 to $200 for a thorough inspection. If it checks out OK and you can negotiate a good price, go for it. Life is too short to drive what someone else wants.

Is there a way you can get some more info on why it failed the emissions test? If it is just barely passing, and the problem is a marginal cat, you may be looking at an expensive bill – $2,000-3,500 — the next time this emissions test is due. And a cat shouldn’t have a problem in that few miles, so it might be an indication of a fuel mixture problem. It could of course be something as simple as a clogged air filter that was responsible for the emissions test failure. But I wouldn’t ignore this emissions issue until you understand why it didn’t pass, and what exactly was done to get it to pass.

As you can tell, I’d be more concerned about the emissions issue than the collision damage.
If your mechanic takes a look at the rear end and doesn’t spot any broken welds, and the alignment is ok, I’d ignore that as an issue. Rear damage is less problematic than damage to the engine compartment area anyway.

I’m assuming that you are looking at this car b/c this is the kind of car you want, so I won’t comment on that issue. Who cares what I think about Hummers? It will be your car, not mine.

A rear end collision could a minor or major event. You need a good body shop to inspect the car. If you feel the accident reported lowers the value, expect the next buyer to do the same.

No, there are too many good cars for sale.

I agree. There’s plenty of fish in the sea. Be patient and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

The Accident will always throw up red flags, unless you can find out what actually happened and have a body shop figure out if the frame was damaged, it could have been minor damage involving a bumper cover but you don’t know at this point. A vehicle that barely passes emissions is another worry. They made lots of these so there should be a better one out there.

These aren’t the worst of the Hummer Line as far as mileage but they are pretty much a Chevy Trailblazer in Hummer clothes

The Hummer H3 is built on the Isuzu Colorado pickup platform. And the Colorado pickup has an abismal reliabilty rating.

Run away from this vehicle.


If you already have a car, drive away. There is nothing about this vehicle that gives you more then a sheep in wolfs clothing as a reason to buy it.

Edmunds review says that the 2006 did a lot of things well, but was underpowered on the highway, and didn’t have much cargo space. Comfortable and stable off road, though. It only shared about 10% of its components with the Colorado. They had the same engine.

Dealer retail for a loaded H3 in clean condition is $15,500. It is overpriced, especially if it doesn’t have just about every option available. If you like the H3, understand its flaws, and want it anyway, offer them several grand less and see where it goes. But you really need together the options list and price it in your zip code on Edmunds, KBB, for NADAguides.

Ripoff. You can get one for $12k

Thank you every one for answer , I’ll not buy this one , you guys help me a lot.

Buying a car off ebay is a major risk

A Hummer, even the smaller H3, is the only vehicle I know of that the driver can get a middle finger salute simply because he’s driving one. Well, maybe a Hummer and a school bus.

Most people don’t know the difference between an H2 and an H3 unless they are parked side by side.

I agree with @MG_McAnick

It’s not a secret that the environmentalists 100% loathe the Hummers

So, in a sense, if you drive one, you are saying “I don’t give a . . . about fuel economy or the environment.”

Of course, it may a lot simpler than that. Perhaps those Hummer drivers think they look a baller