1999 VW Golf -- Squeak on Right Turn, No AC and More!


OK, gonna put it all out here since I’m going to my mechanic in the morning – here’s for planning ahead. 1. So, the biggest concern (in my small mind) is that sometimes (it actually went away for months) is that my car can make a terrible squeal/squeak when I turn right (braking stops this). The recent rain here near Boston seemed to be a trigger. (This can be a head-turning squeak.) 2. This is another on-again, off-again. But sometimes when my moonroof is open I hear a noise that sounds like a muffler (but I don’t think it is) – happens at around 45 mph. Thoughts? 3. No AC. None. Zip. I think I smell something but I’m not sure. Maybe the same thing I smelled in my family’s 1979 VW bug – I should have learned! 4. I got hit on the driver’s door. The cosmetics aren’t bad at all but when I open the door it is like this awful metal crunching sound (it too went a way – actually last month the car was driving great) – am I doing damage by driving this way? The thing does seem to leak pretty badly in car washes…

OK…if you can help me with one or all, that would be great, super, even FABULOUS!


Oh…there is only 50K miles on this baby…

  1. 50K miles is about right for a brake job. Probably due.
  2. Could be anything. 8 years and 50K miles later…
  3. Coolant leak, fuse blown, compressor shot, etc. This is an 8 year old car.
  4. Metal crunch noise probably the door rubbing against the front fender. Common with this kind of damage. Also, the door is probaby buckled out of shape, and the door seals are leaking. Also common for this type of damage.