Creaking and Squeeking


My daughter plowed my 2004 VW Golf GLS into the open door of a parked car, sheering off the front passenger side. After the car was repaired at huge cost ($6000), it seemed OK at first, but soon it started creaking and squeeking like an old jalopy over bumps. This does not happen all the time, but periodically usually when the weather is hot and dry, and hardly ever when it rains or when I take it back to the body shop to explain the problem. The mechanic says that all new parts were put in: suspension, control arm etc. He thought that perhaps the bushings had been squeezed and crimped when the new control arm was installed, so he loosened everything up and bounced the car a bit before retightening. The creaking diminished for while, but now it is back again. I have tried to get second and third opinions but no one has been able even to locate the problem let alone find a solution. I feel that my 3 year old car has become old before its time. Any helpful suggestions?


There may well be components not even related to the replaced parts causing the noises.

What I would do is go around with a can of silicone spray and lightly spot spray different connections (nuts and bolts) until the noise stopped.

Spray different locations one at a time until the culprit is found.

Also, check closely for metal to metal rubbing after vehicle travels over uneven terrain (ie, speed bumps at different angles, etc).


Thank you for your suggestions. You were right. The problem had nothing to do with the replaced parts. It turned out to be the suspension joints, which the dealer replaced for me under warranty. Thanks again