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1999 suburban noise

my Sub makes a wonderful ticking noise that resembles a turn signal–it continues to tick until i apply the brakes. i have just replaced the brake switch and the noise is still there. All the lights on the vehicle are not illuminated while it is making the noise, it makes the noise while either driving or idling.Have you gentlemen heard of such a strange thing?? I told my wife someone just planted a bomb in the car that has malfunctioned.

I say a module from a previously installed alarm is causing this, take a look under the dash (drivers side) for a “box” with wires to it (possibly ticking) that does not look Factory installed. 1999 was prime-time for Dealer installed alarms and it was common to tie them into the parking lights.

When the multifunction switch (turn signals, cruise, wipers, etc) went bad on my 2000 Blazer, it started making the turn signal clicking noise continuously. The turn signals worked normally, but the flasher was running continuously.

Spraying some CRC Electrical Contact cleaner into the base of the switch lever at the steering column stopped the clicking for a few days. Ultimately, I had to replace the switch.

Ed B.

Thanks Ed! i replaced the flasher relay box under the dash, and still did the ticking, I was so hoping not to have to replace the turn signal arm! What a chore it looks like it will be!

The NHSTA site has directions to replace the multifunction switch for a 2000 Blazer as it was under a recall for the hazards. A quick check of the 1999 Suburban doesn’t show the recall.

Do a search at the above link for a 2000 Chevrolet Blazer or use the Recall # 01V364000. The recall is “EXTERIOR LIGHTING:HAZARD FLASHING WARNING LIGHTS:SWITCH”, click on Document Search for a list of documents pertaining to the recall, including the remedy. The direct link is below. The procedure should be similar for a Suburban. It took me a few hours to replace the switch (~$200).

Try the CRC cleaner first, at worst it should confirm or rule out the multifunction switch as the problem.

Good luck,

Ed B.