1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee windshield fluid pump location

My 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee sprays a very weak stream of windshield fluid for the front and back windows. Fluid reservoir is full. Where are the fluid pumps for the front and back windows? Is it hard to replace or is it a job for the professionals? Thanks.

The front is usually underneath and attached to the reservoir. drive up on ramps, remove the plastic splash shield, and I’m sure it’ll be obvious.

The rear one is inside one of the rear side cavities. You’ll need to pull the inside panel. Stop by the dealer’s parts department and request an exploded view drawing of the panel installation. That’ll show you where the clips are and make the job much easier. If your Jeep is in great shape and you want to keep it that way, you could even stop by the local parts store and pick up some nylon body tools. They allow you to pop body panels without damaging surrounding surfaces. They should be about $10+/-.

This car has both front and rear washer pumps in the side of the washer fluid reservoir.

You need to remove the drivers side front wheel and inner fender liner and the reservoir is toward the front of the car. It can be done without removing the wheel but I find it easier.

Before you replace the pump, be sure the lines aren’t clogged. Especially this time of year - ice can form in the washer fluid if you aren’t using the winter stuff.

+1 to Shadowfax’s comment, but I have to mention that despite using WW fluid that was labeled “all season, protects down to -10 degrees”, I wound up with frozen WW lines in temperatures of +15 degrees.

I suspect that some of these cheap washer fluids are not exactly what is claimed for them, or are possibly mis-labeled. A neighbor suggested using only Rain-X or Prestone brand WW fluids, and after draining the WW reservoir of the cheap blue stuff and replacing it with Rain-X fluid, I have not had any further problems with freezing of the lines.

And, the Rain-X fluid does a much better job, with much less smearing or haze on the glass. It is well worth the extra $1.50 or so for the Rain-X fluid.

I’ll second the Rain-X. It hasn’t frozen all winter, and it’s been COLD here. And rain beads up nicely on your windshield and flies off before the windshield wiper even gets to it, so that’s a nice bonus.