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1999 Jeep Cherokee Window Lock/ Pwr Windows

Hi - Jeep Cherokee Sport - can control all windows at all times from master control – but not from idividual windows – now and again the individual controls work – any thoughts before I rip my door open?

If you ever figure this out, Please post it. I have had the same problem for over a year now. It started with the rear passenger window not working on the door, but still working from the master control. My mechanic replaced it. It worked for about a week. Then all of a sudden all of the windows stopped working. And now the only way to open or close any of the windows is from the master control.

I dont have a wiring diagram for
the window circuits on a 99 Cheroke, but a good guess would be that theres a break in the wire that connects the drivers safety switch to the other window switches.

Try this simple test, have someone hold a switch on the passenger side in the down position.

Now slowly open the drivers door all the way. If the window works, theres a break in the power wire where it flexes everytime the door is opened.

I had this problem in my 1998 Cherokee a few years ago. It turned out that there was an intemittant fault in the driver’s safety switch. Replacing the switch unit cleared it up permanently. Fairly expensive part, however. I suggest you follow 87 Ranger’s advice and make sure there isn’t a break in the wire before buying the switch.

I am having the same problem…were you able to fix it? I’d love to hear how it was solved.