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1999 Honda Prelude will turn over, won’t start

I just recently bought Been sitting for year and all performance parts for a 99 year model and it will turn over but not start please help I’ve changed all spark plugs and fuses and Battery

First off, punctuation helps us understand what you are asking.

Since I don’t entirely understand - did you just buy a 99 Honda Prelude that has been sitting for a year? Why was it sitting for a year? Was it broken? Or ignored?

What do you mean by this? If you are trying to say this car is tricked out with “all the” performance parts, that means nothing to us since there are far more performance parts than you realize. It would be helpful for us to know exactly what it has. Cold air kit and headers? Or an aftermarket turbo kit and ECU?

To start, the car need fuel, air and spark. Does the fuel pump provide the proper pressure? Are the injectors firing? Are they even commanded to fire? Is there any actual verified spark? Post back and let us know.

Try this: turn the key from Off to Run (not all the way to Start) and listen for the fuel pump running. It’s in the gas tank. It should run for 2-3 seconds then shut off. Turn the key back to Off, then Run and listen again. Each time you do this “key dance” you are bringing fuel up to the engine and building fuel pressure. Does the engine turn over and does it start when you turn the key all the way to Start?

If it turns over but does not start, try the key dance more times before turning to Start.

The first thing I would check for would be power from the ignition switch to the coil. Ignition switches are a common problem. Many Hondas of this era were recalled for that problem but I don’t think the Prelude is one of them.

You might also remove the gas cap and smell of the filler neck. If it has an old house paint or varnish smell to it then the fuel system needs to be cleaned along with filter replacement and possible fuel pump.

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