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1997 Honda Prelude start issue

Today was colder and i went to start my car and it turned over for a second and then stalled. Its never done this before even in the cold. I then started it up again, and reved the engine as i started it and it stayed on and started normal. What is wrong with my car not starting right away.

When was the last time that you replaced the spark plugs?
If you can’t recall, then it is probably due–or overdue–for this maintenance and perhaps for other maintenance such as fuel filter and air filter replacement.

Sh_t happens. If it only happens once, don’t worry.

Probably a pressure issue. Your pump just needed another shot at pressurizing the fuel system.

Something that helps on older vehicles is to turn the key to ON, wait about a second or two, and then go ahead and start it. That lets the pump run its full pressurization cycle before you start demanding fuel.