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Why my car won't start

Right now my Honda will not start. I took it to a shop specialize in Honda repairs. When it gets there, they said that it was nothing wrong with it because it cranked every time. I picked it up and droved it home. After letting it sit for three or four days, I tried to crank it and it would not start again. I primed it with gas and it still did not start. I installed a new rotary cap and button.There was no spark coming from the plugs . THat was the same way it was acting before i took it to the Honda shop. I am puzzled. What is wrong? My battery is new

What year is this Honda?
How many miles are on it?
How’s the maintenance history?

Unfortunately there are a list of possible causes for no spark. A bad coil, a bad ignition wire (coil to distributor), a toasted wire end, a bad cam position sensor. Someone has to look at this hands-on.

Check to see if the ignition system is getting power to it using a test light probe. If that is ok then you need to see if the crank sensor is working like should be. If I remember correctly Hondas have a common problem with a relay that may tie to the ignition area or the ECU power so that may be a problem if that is correct.

the Honda Prelude is a 1988 model. I recently changed engine. I believe it had about 100k miles when purchased. Thanks, I will follow those leads.