Car turns over but will not start

my car will turn over but it will not start. I had the fuel pump checked and it is good, the air filter was also checked and it is fine as well. The plug wires and cap were all replaced 6 months ago. I have a full tank of gas the battery is under 6 months old and my alternator is a year old both were also tested and are good. Every thing was tested today. There are no lights coming on. if you hold the key in on the car runs but the minuet you release it the car dies. It does not make any funny sounds when it cranks over. It sound perfect it just will not start. Its an 89 Honda Civic with 160k Miles on it. I have my oil changed every 3 months and all my fluid levels are good. Everything was checked today. The last 3 days is when this problem started. It would take a few times turning it over to get it to start but once it was started it would run with no problem. Now it will not start at all. Please advise.

I think you have a bad timing belt. Replace it along with the water pump.

If the timing belt failed, the car would sound unusual when cranked. The engine would sound as though it were cranking over way too easily. Being a Honda, it would also need the head removed and at least some of the valves replaced since they bend valves when the timing belt fails. If your timing belt and water pump haven’t been replaced for a long time, it would be a good idea to change them before one or both of them fail. The more likely scenario is that your ignitor has gone bad. Have the vehicle checked for spark. If there is none, the problem is probably your ignitor, as this is a very common problem with Hondas of this era. Unfortunately, the ignitor is part of the distributor on your engine, so you will have to replace the distributor to get your car running again.

“if you hold the key in on the car runs but the minuet you release it the car dies.”

You need to clarify that since this does not describe a no start condition. Apparently the car does start and run. You need a new ignition switch.

The OP also needs to clarify the “no lights coming on” comment. If the check engine, alternator, and oil lights don’t come on when the key is turned to the run position, that indicates an electrical problem. It could be with the ignition switch, blown fuse(s), or bad relay(s).

Remove the distributor cap and “wiggle” the rotor. If the rotor wiggles from side to side even a fraction of an inch the distributor is worn out.

If I’m reading this correctly when you turn the key to crank the starter the starter turns over the motor and the motor fires and runs but dies when you release the key and the ignition switch moves to the “on” position.

If this is correct then I believe you have a faulty ignition switch. Have the switch checked.

Thanks everyone for all the helpful tips it was the ignition switch not the part you put your key in (tumbler) but the piece that the tumbler goes into.