1999 Honda Odyssey Shuts off while driving

Van started acting up a few weeks back. Very dangerous problem as it just simply shuts off while driving. Dash lights (electronics) go out. Once I coast to the side of road and put it back in park it starts right up. No engine sputter prior to it blankig out. I checked battery cables. They are clean and tight.

Any thoughts by you gurus would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Just wanted to thank everyone for responding. Oh wait nobody did. Odd… I thought this was a cartalk forum. Perhaps the 99 Honda Odyssey is to rare of an automobile.

No, it is not too rare a vehicle for someone to comment about.

I would suggest that you have the ignition switch checked.
They can simply wear out over time, and a worn-out ignition switch will produce the symptoms that you reported.

Did you check the other end of the battery cables, I had a 98 olds intrigue that did this for over a year until I found a bad ground connection where the battery cable grounded at the fender.

That question of Hondas, and other makes, is answered daily. If you go to the top of this page and click on Search, then, in the Key Words block put “Honda stalls”, or similar words, you will get a lot of hits on this topic.
I think that I saw your question on the same page that the same question was asked. Didn’t you?