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99 Oddessey engine dies while driving at random times

I have a 99 Oddessey Ex and while driving or stopped the engine will cut off not spit and sputter but cut off. To restart I have to turn the key off for a few seconds and then most of the time it restarts. If I don’t turn it off and back on it will just turn over and not fire. It’s almost like it’s flooded. Please help

Honda seems to have had more problems with its ignition switch than other car makes. This is abetted by ONE contact in the Honda ignition switch carries most of the electrical load when the ignition switch is turned ON. The other makes use several contacts to carry the load.
You can lessen the current that surges through the ignition switch if you turn off accessories (like heater/ac blower) with their own switches, NOT by turning them off with the ignition switch.
Investigate the ignition switch idea with your mechanic.

Thank you I think I had that replaced under a recall a long time ago so maybe its bad again