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1999 Honda Odyssey stall problem

My odyssey stops running when I am driving on the road. The instrument panel goes off and the engine shuts down. There are 166,000 miles on it. I took it to the Honda dealer and they couldn’t find anything wrong. This can be a little dangerous. Jim

I have to assume it starts back up eventually, otherwise it wouldn’t be “…stops…”, it would be “…died…” How long does it have to sit before it starts back up, or is it immediate?

Sounds like the cause is electrical. Need more info to maybe narrow it down some.

If you know what the dealer checked, that would help, but most likely they didn’t tell you. Since it’s now 12 years old, I don’t think I’d bother with dealer premiums if you have a decent mechanic around. The more info the better.

It starts up right away.

I would start by having it running, normal temp, and start moving wires around under the hood. Grab the harness where it enters (or exits) the main fusebox under the hood, and push/pull on it some. Something is losing connection, somewhere. Finding troubles like this can be very time consuming. If you can get close, then at least you’ll have something to tell a mechanic with regards to what you find, and a possible location.

My sister had a problem similar to this on a Camry. She just dealt with it for years, until she finally gave up and sold the car. Turned out to be the coil ignitor. I’m not sure if your Odessey has one of those or not. If it does, it might be worth changing…just to eliminate it as a source of problems. Hers did the same thing: die on the road, and start right back up. Her dash didn’t die, though.