99 Honda CRV shuts off while driving

For the last year or so, the car will periodically shutoff while driving. It happened in the rain and the dry, at highway speed and going less than 20 mph, while the car is warm and cold. It always fires right back up by turning the key to start. It’s scary but happens so rarely that we haven’t wanted to spend a lot of money on diagnostics or find out it’s an expensive electrical problem.

It could be a faulty ignition switch. If it happens jiggle your key without turning and see if it springs back to life.

Good luck, these issues are PITA. Is the check engine light on?

That’s a great idea, and it won’t take but a couple of seconds to try (while I’m looking for a way out of traffic). I am not sure if the check engine light comes on during the events, but I’ll look next time. Otherwise the car is working normally.

Check the condition of your battery ground cable and connections and the engine to body ground cable if it has one.

sorry for the late response, i have a 99 crv and there is a recall on the ignition switch for exactly this problem, had it happen several times and the dealer replaced it for free as per the recall.

Good luck. Hope its the switch. I just junked my Buick for the same problem. Replaced crank sensor then ignition switch and that fixed it for several months. When it started acting up again I junked it.

You win the Cupie Doll! It was the ignition switch and thanks to the recall the repair is free! Thank you so much!