1999 Ford Windstar

I recently took my 1999 Ford Windstar to my mechanic for some work. He said it needs a new cabin air filter. Where is that found and how hard would it be to change myself?

As I remember, you remove a panel in the back of the glove compartment to service the cabin air filter. I had a 2000 Windstar and I did change this filter.

I see it comming out the front.
With the hood open, passenger side of cowl panel, there’s an access cover.

I think you are right. I haven’t owned the Windstar for 3 years–I was thinking of the Toyota 4Runner which we own.

It’s easy, you can do it. Remove the black plastic vent cover at the base of the windshield, with the hood up. Pull a few clips and the filter is visible. While it’s off spray some Lysol into the opening with the a/c blower on high.