1999 ford windstar theft light update

ok i have the codes from the theft light. the code read 1 flash pause 3 flash. at one point it read 1 flash pause 6 flash. that only happend once need help on this code thanx

This works better if you reply to your original post. That way, everyone would know that you already tried more than one key and so on.

LFC 30 (B1600) - key code not received or key programming failed (faulty key or key obscured)

The troubleshooting chart basically says that if more than one key (that is believed to work) does this, then the PATS transceiver is faulty and must be replaced. Before you go this far, do try removing the key from your keyring and try it by itself with no other keys or electronic devices near.

Just curious if you have had your battery tested. A bad battery can sometimes play havoc with the security system.