1999 ford windstar theft light car do not start

Ive been in this game 16 years have i never stumbled across this. The theft light blinks fast and no start. Ive change the key , key remote to cpu, and the cpu it self all programed properly still no start can any one help me with this headace

Any codes?

Maybe the anti-theft is a red herring? Try starting it in neutral to check for a bad neutral safety switch.

No, rapid flash means that the PATS is preventing starting.

Turn the key to run and leave it there.
The PATS light will flash rapidly for a little while. After that, it will flash out a two digit code a few times. Post that code here and we can help.

Example: flash, flash, pause, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash, flash pause, repeat… = PATS LFC (lamp fault code) 16. (16 means the PATS isn’t talking to the PCM, this is often because the PCM isn’t getting power, maybe the PCM relay is bad.)

Well - I can’t see the flash. Rapid is a relative perception, not an objective fact. Its also the case that systems are funny. They are not necessarily all working or all not working as if there are only two states. Part of a system get messy too.

For my money, the 10 seconds it would take to put it in neutral and turn the key may be worth the “trouble” - since it isn’t any trouble.

the light flash fast then it slow down. do i hold the key or turn in normal operating positions.Do mind i dont think all the door locks work.One side big door was hit pretty good do u think it can be the doors or the locks on each door? when u press the keyless all locks dont go up and down. or could it be the door that was hit is not getting connection to the prongs that it needs? please tell me how to read the codes is it like odb 1 ? or diffrent thanx im here please help

Your 1999 is OBDII. To read any codes other than generic emissions codes, you will need a Ford specific scan tool (or one with a Ford option).

You’ll have the check the wiring and mechanical links on the door locks.

I answered your question about the PATS flash code of 13 on your other post.