Theft light on 2000 Windstar - can't start van now

I disconnected the battery cable and when i reconnected it the red ‘theft’ light began rapidly blinking on the dash and ignition/starting was disabled. followed owners manual advice using key to unlock drivers door (to re-set anti theft device) but this did not work. Called two Ford dealers and both say have to tow car in for this to be fixed. Problem is, car is on an island with no tow service available. I’m thinking there must be a way around this. I have two original keys with the key fobs and neither works to fix it by unlocking the door. Any suggestions / solutions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Sounds like the computer is going to have to be programmed to accept the keys. You can do this yourself, but only if you already have two working keys. Since you don’t, you’re going to need to get a special programming computer hooked up to the car. Does your island have a locksmith? They often have these computers and make house calls.

Island does not have locksmith, but i actually do have two keys. How do i go about it? Thanks.

I found this info while googling your problem. I have no idea whether it will work or not but it’s worth a try.

Press the button marked with a speaker symbol on the key remote to activate the personal alarm. The alarm will sound. Press it one more time, or insert the key into ignition and turn to ‘on’ position. This will reset the system.

I would try inserting the key into the ignition and turning to the “on” position after first pressing the “speaker symbol.” If that fails to work then press the speaker symbol and see if it activates the personal alarm. If it does…press the symbol again and hope it clears the system. Good luck and post back with the results.

Refreshing the batteries in the key-fobs is worth a try. If nothing simple like that works, ask the Ford dealership if they can supply the instructions to your local on-island mechanic. Expect that they will require some paperwork proving you are who you say you are, and the owner of the car in question.

If the island has a ferry to a mainland, like P.E.I. does, for example, you maybe could get it flatbedded on the ferry to a mainland dealer’s shop. By “flatbed” I mean a “tiltbed” tow truck.

Thanks everyone for the advice- appreciate it. will try out suggested fixes when we get back there and let you know what happens. (unfortunately, the little ferry that runs won’t accept any decent size trailer to haul a vehicle.)

no luck trying any of the suggested fixes. I did find code when turned key forward to run position and left it on. Theft light flashed once, then pause, then five flashes. anyone know what this indicates? thanks