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1999 ford winstar pats system

1999 ford winstar
problem fuse#16 blew replaced fuse two times both times blew within half hour although van still started and ran so i disconnected the battery cables installed a amp meter in line with the pos. cable turn on switch then off showed 10 amp for short period of time then dropped to o amps. so i hooked the cables up tried to start no starter reaction theft light blinking fast after some searching found out about leaving switch on and finaly it will blink out a code mine is 15 whitch i understand that it is not accepting the keys as valid two keys same thing removed key fom key chain stiil same problem what can i do to fix this poblem without a dealer garage involved (to complety remove the whole system would be great) thanks

I Can’t Help With Removing The System, But I Can Refer You To A Ford Technical Service Bulletin, Written For Their Technicians To Help Diagnose The PATS (Passive Anti-Theft System).

The 21 page bulletin covers many models of Ford, Lincoln, And Mercury vehicles, including
1999 - 2001 Winstars.

I can’t promise it will get you going, but if you can find a copy of the TSB Diagnostic Service Tips, it’s Article No. 01-6-2 .

May the force be with you.