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Bizarre security system issue with 1999 Lincoln Town Car

This situation is very perplexing to say the least. Please help me out if you can. I will try to detail the problem in as short of time as possible. Sometimes the fuel pump gets turned off and the engine will not start. I have noticed a few things that happen whenever this occurs. Whenever it will not start, the little red light on the dash that normally flashes at 1 flash per second starts flashing rapidly whenever I turn the key to the on position. Then the engine will not start. Sometimes I have tried the following and the car will start… I will take out the keys from the ignition, then step outside, first locking the doors with the power lock button and shutting the door . Then I will insert my key into the door lock, unlock the door using the key, get back behind the wheel, place my key into the ignition switch and then the car will start nine times out of ten. However, there are some times that the car will not start at all, but will eventually start several minutes later. It is all very random. It can be cold or hot outside and it will do the same thing. I have also so far tried the following…cleaning and reassembling the main computer plugs because I thought it might be making a random connection. I have also used lock lubricant in the door key hole and the ignition switch. However, there is no rhyme or reason to this problem. I also did a little research online recently and I purchased a used module that operates the keypad on the driver’s door and had that replaced and it made no difference. This is where I am at right now. I would like to know how to proceed if I may. This is a 1999 model Town Car that’s been kept in good shape all this time and has 202000 miles on it to date. I appreciate some thoughtful help. Thank you

Intermittent starts like this are often caused by a worned starter. Since your vehicule is almost 20 year old you can expect it to fail sooner or later.

Passive Anti-Theft System ( PATS ), is [Ford Motor Company] technology. In 1996 the technology started showing up on select models of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles. The keys have a radio frequency transponder embedded in the plastic Head with a unique electronic identification code.

What you are describing can be caused by having 2 or more keys with chips in them on your key ring,
they can confuse the anti-theft system and disable the fuel pump and some cars the starter.

It has nothing to do with opening, closing or locking the door, it’s the removal of the key from the ignition switch.

If you have 2 keys for this car, try using the other one, If you only have one key you may need to go to the dealer to get it, a locksmith shop may be able to program it.

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Just to clarify…

By not starting do you mean the starter motor will crank the engine over but it will not start or do you mean that when you turn the key the engine does not crank over at all?