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O/D Light on 99 Explorer

1999 Ford Explorer XLT

sohc 4.0 V6, Automatic Trans


Normally, the O/D light on the far right of the instrument cluster remains off and the overdrive feature is operational. While towing, you can depress a button on the end of the transmission gear selector lever and inhibit the overdrive feature and this light will come on.

Recently this light began flashing after about 20 minutes of driving and the button had no effect. The owner’s manual does not address a flashing light.


This is telling you there is a problem with the transmission. The Transmission in this truck is electronically controlled, and if there is a problem with the controller, the OD light will flash. Get this checked out as soon as possible, before damage happens to the transmission. Once damage occurs, a rebuild is required. And it is quite expensive.

BTW, I have a 2000 model with the same running gear. I was told by a good friend that a common transmission problem is in the electronic solenoid pack that shifts the gears. This can be replaced without removing the transmission if it is caught early enough.