Replacement Key for a 2002 Ford Ranger

I just got off the phone with a Ford Dealer. They are telling me that it will cost $150 to get a second key make for my 2002 Ford Ranger.

It is a standard Cut key but it has the black plastic end with the Programmed Chip that disables the ignition if it’s not there.

1. Is there another source for keys?

2. Is there a way to disable the failsafe on the ignition so that a regular hardware store key will work.

Can’t you have a plain key cut and leave the key with the chip in the car?..

  1. Yes, you can get them almost anywhere. The price should be around $30-$40. If you have two working keys now, then you can program in the new key yourself (see owner’s manual). If you don’t, then your truck has to be connected to a special scanner to get it to accept the new key. This was a big part of the $150 that the dealer wanted to charge you. Some locksmiths can do it for less.

  2. Not for less than $150. You would have to add a PATS bypass module that is normally used for remote start. Then you would have to do some clever wiring to get it to allow you to drive the truck.

We have several lock and alarm companies in our area that charge about 2/3 the dealer price for replacing and re-programing a lost “chipped” key.

Read your manual! I had an o3 so I think it must be similar. The dealer wants that much because they reprogram all the keys. You can get the dealer to cut you one for 30 bucks, then you follow the steps in the manual to program it. The 03 had a max of 8 keys you could do that way. Check it out.

I believe the 2002 Fords needed two “working” keys in order for the owner to program a 3rd key (with a simple 30 second process). If you have less than two keys, then you’ll need to either bring it to a dealer or a locksmith.

As oldtimer11 noted, you can get it done for much less money at a locksmith. Not all locksmiths have programming equipment, but many do.

I just had some keys made by the local locksmith and it was $3 for non-programmed key that would fit the door or trunk, and $30 for a chip key that you program yourself. Instructions are in the owners manual.

go to they have blank transponder keys for 19.95.bad thing if you don’t have two keys you will have to go have one programed