Engine cutting Off



I have a 1999 Tahoe. We can driving and it shuts off. somethimes after much trying a starter turning it starts. Other time we push it home a it starts hours later. This has been going on for over 6 months. Everytime we take it to a garage it runs O.K. Fuel pump and Filter have been replaced. Nothing has should up on machines at shop. I am stranded again today Help


One component that can cause this problem is a defective Crankshaft Position Sensor. This sensor sends a signal to the computer so it can fire the proper coil and injector at the right time. These sensors can become sensitive to heat where they fail to function. Once this happens, both the ignition and fuel systems shut down because the computer is no longer recieving a signal from the sensor.



I had a '83 Subaru that used to quit at stoplights! It would crank and crank without starting. Fortunately, after a short minute, it would fire up and off we would go, just ahead of the cops and tow trucks. Anyway, nothing made sense for why it was being so rude. The second time this happened, at a stop light by the way, I parked it. Someone suggested replacing the electronic pickup device in the distributor. It was a bit spendy, but I figured it could be tired or have insulation breakdown after 270,000 miles, so after installing a new one, about $85.00, I never had that issue again. The car was as reliable as ever, as Subarus are. Here’s another idea; does your Tahoe have any sort of safety-related shut-off device that may be mal-functioning or actually protecting the car or engine? Then again, another idea is to check for voltage drop to the ignition circuits, perhaps a weak or corroded electrical connection is at fault. Poking around with a strong light may lead to some discovery. Good luck!


Thanks. I’ll ask my mechanic to check the crankshaft position sensor. What’s strange is that it has gone months at a time with no problem with hot starts and no problem stalling. Now it’s acting up again. It always starts cold and if I shut it off right away and restart there is usually no problem starting again until the 4th try.
Yesterday I drove for 45 minutes around town with no problem, then it stalled when pulling into the driveway. Later in the day it stalled after just 5 minutes.

Also, when I turn the key to start, I hear a strange, faint “zapping” noise that has an electrical sound. Any idea on the noise?


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That zapping noise could be a corroded battery terminal or other loose connection that may or may not be related to your issue of occasional starts.


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