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1999 Corvette Brake Problem

A friend of mine passed away recently leaving his widow with a '99 Corvette coupe, automatic. She is trying to sell the car and although it still stops, the mechanic says a part is going bad. The part is the EBCM (electronic braking control module - she believes). There is another module that is in tandem with the ABS, but she can’t remember what it’s called…that may or may not be faulty, but ‘they’ said they can’t tell until the other one is fixed.

They also told her Chevy no longer makes the part, nor is there an aftermarket replacement.
Have you heard of this? Could they really stop making a part after only 13years? A local Corvette club member told her this is true and that most of the junk yards have been cleaned out of them.

If this is true, now what do we do?
Old fool

You take it all out and convert it to a simpler brake system without ABS. That will probably mean new brake hardlines and may cost some, but many a Corvette was built without all this electronics attached to the brakes. You might try looking for a forum dedicated to Corvettes to get specifics and options for doing this. You might even be able to save the ABS.

I found one on for about $132. The part is out there…you just have to look for it.