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Jeep Emergency Brake Adjustment?

My e-brake no longer serves any purpose but to sit in the console. Through twelve years of use it is worn out and has maybe 1% braking power. Is there any way i could fix it or do i need to take it to a mechanic? and how much SHOULD it cost?

there are several issues about the E brakes.

the brake cable may be stretched out, and needing tensioning.

or the cable may be corroded in the cable guides, thus lessening its effectiveness.

or the actual brake shoes for the ebrakes may be worn out.

it would take looking at ALL these to make a determination of your E brakes condition and cause for problems.

i can’t say whether you could do this, since i don’t know your mechanical aptitude, but if you want to give it a try, a haynes manual from an auto parts store would be my first recommendation to you to read about it before you try anything.