Car dies while driving

I have a 99 dodge avenger. For no reason it just started to die while driving. The light radio everything stays on it just cuts out. Sometimes it start right up like nothing, than others it refuses, but it does crank. The dist and cap have been replaced. Oil change, tune up have been done. Gas filter and pump have been checked. No shop around can figure out what is going on.

A small possibility: change the ASD relay. It’s in the relay box under the hood. The horn relay, in the same box, can be swapped for it.

How many miles on the car? Any Check Engine Light at any time? Ever had it scanned?

A fuel pump can be and on again/off again thing so just because it may have good fuel pressure one minute does not mean it will have it the next.
Why “check” a fuel filter? They should have replaced it.

Lacking info as to whether the problem is spark or fuel related, you might get a can of aerosol carb cleaner and the next time it quits or won’t start, try giving the intake a healthy shot of carb cl. If it starts and runs for a second or two at least you know it’s fuel related. More than likely anyway.
The easiest way to do this is to simply disconnect a small intake manifold vacuum line, squirt the carb cleaner in, reconnect the hose, and see what happens.

I would suggest dropping by a local AutoZone, Advance, etc. and having them pull the codes. There may be something there, CEL or not. They will do this for you free. Post any results back here for discussion.

As a variation on OK’s suggestion you can also check to see if it is getting spark. Buy one new spark plug and keep it in the car. Next time it happens remove one spark plug wire (don’t pull on the wire, pull the socket) and put the new plug on it. Hold the threads of the plug tightly to a metal engine part and have someone crank the starter. You should see a nice bright spark (easier to see at night or in a garage).

Note: if you did not use a well insulated tool to hold that plug you likely experienced an electrifying experience which will teach you to use an insulated tool next time and it will tell you the spark is just fine.

Question are you talking about the fuse box under the hood i dont see a asd relay i do however see a horn one would it be called something else