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1999 Chevrolet 1500 - Tank needs a smack

why will a truck run good afterr you hit the gas tank but after you can shut the truck off then the truck will start for a few days they have to smack the gas tank agian

Classic symptoms of a failing fuel pump. Check wiring and connectors before replacing pump. It’s always best to confirm that pump isn’t operating when no start occurrs though.


Agreed, classic failing fuel pump. They were notoriously bad during this time period.

Plan on about $700 for the part and labor. They’ll have to drop the fuel tank to change the pump.

A family friend had to have his replaced multiple times. He ended up just cutting a hole in his bed above the fuel pump so he could change it himself. To each his own…


Heads up . . .

Unless the fuel pump has been replaced before, you’ll have to splice in an updated pigtail

It’ll be obvious if this is necessary, when you have the tank out of the truck


Yup, I used to carry a 5# sledge hammer and a 2X4 to bang on my gas tank to get the pump running again.