GrandPrix Pontic 2001


We have a grand prix and had the water pump replaced. Soon after this the fuel pump went out. We replaced it 2 more times within a few weeks. Bought another one and this time the car may have run a period of 4 to 5 months before it went out. We have found by banging on the gas tank, and by turning the car on while someone bangs on it, you can hear the pump come on and start the car. Well, once again this week we have had the pump changed and I was about to leave work and the car would not start. Banging on the tank allowed me to be able to start the car… What is going on with the pumps or what is making them go out…??? Ugh…


From the description (bang on the tank), I would guess you have a bad ground, and none of the pumps actually failed.


hmmm is this something the mechanic can see when changing the fuel pump…


I’ve had pump problems too. Seems to be a weak GM issue. Sometimes it was the pump and sometimes the connector. You need to change the wiring harness when the pump is replaced and make sure the connector is making good contact.