1997 Chevrolet Express 2500 - 2nd fuel pump in a month

Replaced fuel pump worked for awhile. Then 3weeks later have to wack tank to get it to work. 2nd fuel pump in a month.

That happens when 1) You buy cheap pumps… way cheaper than an AC Delco or Delphi and/or 2) Don’t clean the tank of any crud you see in the bottom of the tank when you change the pump. Pumps don’t like crud.

But I got off track… Did you have a question?


Could also be a bad connector or damaged wiring.

Yeah for sure go OEM but the shop said they had two Delcos in row that were bad. Also check wiring, connections, and the relay. The pigtail should be replaced with the pump along with the relay. I’ve bought a few pumps and the last GM car that had a pump problem I called the junk yard to come and get it.