Tail Light replacement 1986 Honda Civic DX 3Dr

I need to replace the broken lense on my driver side turn signal light in the tail light assembly. I am trying to get a used tail light assembly (driver side) from junk yard. Where do I find instructions to replace the tail light housing (driver side).

You may have the information in your owner’s manual. For many vehicles, the taillight assembly has to be removed to replace the bulbs.

Even the manufacturer service manuals are unlikely to provide instructions for this simple repair. Just watch while the tail light gets pulled at the junkyard or keep removing fasteners, wiring harness, etc. from your broken tail light until it comes out. The tail light is already broken so there is no risk you will damage anything.

Owner’s manuals seldom offer repair instructions. That is not the purpose of the manual.

Many taillight assemblies are held by fasteners from the rear. Look inside your trunk for wingnuts or similar fasteners.

Bulb replacement is described in every owner’s manual I’ve ever read, so if the taillight assembly needs to come out to replace the bulbs, the info is there.

The bulbs are fine. Only the housing (plastic lense part) needs replacement.

open the deck lid, remove the fasteners holding the interior trim and remove the fasteners that hold the taillamp. it is easy but if you are not into cars it can seem intimidating.

You missed the point entirely. Check the owner’s manual for the procedure for changing the bulbs. Odds are, the entire taillight assembly needs to come out, for which the procedure will be given.