Tail Light

Is it possible to change a tail light on a 2007 VW Beetle myself? and how? The book says it should always be changed by a dealer???

You should be able to do it yourself but it just may be easier to let the dealer do it, per your owner’s manual.

Changing the front turn signal bulbs in my Acura requires accessing the bulb via the fender well by pulling back the fender liner and it’s a tight squeeze to reach the bulb. It’s a pain but that’s just how some cars are designed.

Ask a 2nd gen Dodge Intrepid owner how they change the battery…

Yea, that’s what the book says, or really infers.

Changing it out is easy, unless they have made some serious changed since the 2002 model and I don't believe they have

 You need to remove or at least move the trunk liner.  It has as I recall four twist knobs that will allow you to then fold it out of the way to get access.  There is a nice size hole behind the tail light assembly.  Put your hand in there (note if you have big hands, find someone with small hands to make this easier)  You will feel a very large plastic screw head about three inch diameter.  Unscrew it and remove it.  Now you should be able to push or pull the assembly out from the back of the car.  The bulbs are in sockets and easily come out of the lamp assembly.  

It takes longer to describe than to do it.

Thanks much!.. this just saved my sister a good many dollars I’m sure!