1999 4Runner 15" tires needed

My wife needs 4 new tires for her '99 4Runner w/ 2wd 15" rims. She never goes off road and rarely encounters snow. Any brands or specific types to check out? She keeps it on the pavement so noise/comfort take priority followed by tread life. What would you all purchase?


take a look at reviews and such.

A Honda Accord.

Just kidding.

Of the list that bscar provided, I like the Pirellis the best. If you truly don’t do any off roading, they are quiet and seem to have sidewalls that are neither too stiff nor too soft (good handling, good ride comfort.)

I picked up a set of Uniroyal Cross Country tires (235/70R15) from BJs for my 2000 Blazer. They are quieter, more comfortable, and track straighter than the Firestone Destination LEs they replaced. They have about 30k and seem to be holding up well. I will probably replace them with more aggressive tires since I do some mild off-roading.


Ed B.

I kinda liked the looks of the BF GOODRICH Long Trail TA. I like the price of HERO tires which seem to go alright in the snow where I live. You could just about go into any of the auto parts places that sell tires and pick any of the cheaper brands that look like they have good traction. Just don’t get the cheapest.

I’ve been riding on Coopers for about 10 years now…GREAT tires…And a LOT cheaper then Michelins.

The Discovery series HT is ideal for what you’re looking for. And if you want more agressive the AT or ATR’s (which what I have) are fantastic. I had the HT’s…and they lasted about 60k miles. I have 45k on my ATR’s and I should have at least another 10k on them


How are the ATR’s for off-roading (i.e. soft sand and mud in the NJ Pine Barrens)?

Ed B.

Haven’t taken them in much Mud…But EXCELLENT in snow…and EXCELLENT on gravel roads. My son and I do a lot of backpacking and mountain climbing during the summer. Never found a trail they couldn’t handle.

Thanks for the reply.

Ed B.