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1998 Nissan Altima three problems


Other than performing simple maintenance, I don’t know how to work on cars. Please keep that mind when answering my question.

My 1998 Nissan Altima has the following three problems that I want to fix:

  1. Both sun visors are detached. How can I reattach them?

  2. The front passenger side window power button works only occasionally. Sometimes I will pull the window down but can’t pull it back up. So the driver has to do it. Is it possible to fix this on my own. If so, how?

  3. Finally, the radio volume knob/button is not responsive enough. That is, I will spin it and it makes the clicking sound but the volume doesn’t increase/decrease unless I turn the knob very carefully. How to fix?

Thanks in advance

I’ve been driving and fixing on older cars my whole life. The sun visor is typically held up with two screws at the pivot point. Tighten or replace them. The power window regulator is worn out. It needs to be replaced. has them for about $30 without the motor, but they are running out of stock. Sounds like your motor is fine, just the regulator is worn out. With the radio, I’d just replace it. I have a 1988 (yes, 26 years old) Toyota Supra I drive, and I just put in a Pioneer Bluetooth radio in mine. Got it for about $130 from Sound is amazing and the Bluetooth phone connection is crystal clear. The Bluetooth stereo audio plays music from my phone without wires. I’ve had it in since last Christmas, and only used the CD player once.

Thx but I’m looking for free/very cheap way to repair. If anybody can help? I’ve attached photos of radio and visor too.

Sun visors. If they just need to be screwed back in, that’s a pretty simple thing, right? Buy some new screws at the hardware store. If they are broken, buy some replacements. You might need to phone up your local car recycler (auto junk yard) to find them. If the mounting fixture is damaged, that will probably require some shop work to repair.

Power window on passenger side. That will definitely require some shop work to fix. Based on what you posted, don’t attempt this on your own. Power window systems are complicated. As a work-a-round you might be able to figure out a way to mechanically fix the window in the up position for the duration of the winter. You’d have to take the inside door panel off for a look-see. If you do this, you should probably also disconnect the window motor.

Radio volume. Sounds like a broken/dirty shaft encoder on the volume knob. The most economical sol’n is a replacement radio. Unless you are a person comfortable with fixing other electronic gadgets, like if your bedside clock radio broke, would you take it apart to see if you could fix it? If not, just replace the car radio with a aftermarket version. You’ll likely end up with a radio with mp3 capabilities, better than the current one too.

Except for the visors, there is no cheap/free fix. Live with it or replace it are your only options for the window regulator and radio. Especially the radio. An electronics shop will charge more in labor than a new radio will cost.

If you want cheaper than what has been suggested, you’ll have to be creative.
Go to the neighbor on your left and see if you can borrow a few screws to fix the visors.
Remember to borrow a screwdriver too.

Then go to the neighbor on the right and see if you can borrow their can of WD 40 and spray the window track down. That might help.

As far as the radio goes…you’re out of luck.

The term “gearhead” should be reserved for those that can buy 4 screews at the hardware store for 50cents.