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Blown Radio Fuse

I have a Nissan 2004 Altima. I recently had to fix the driver side window so I took the door panel off and put the window back in its hinges and somehow during the process I blew the radio fuse. I replaced the fuse and radio and interior dash lights started working again. Well since, I don’t completely know what I am doing, I had to go in yesterday and fix the window again and blew the fuse again. Except now, everytime I replace the fuse and turn the car on, the fuse blows. Any suggestions?

You’ve got a short circuit somewhere. Something you did while working in the door exposed a wire or loosened a connection, and it’s shorting to ground (against metal), which is why the fuses are blowing.

I suggest you carefully inspect all the wiring you can see inside the door and where it connects from the door to the door frame. Something is shorting.

Why the window or locks have any connection to the radio or dash lights is beyond me. Do any of the door buttons (window or lock switches) have lights behind them? If so, that’s probably the connection.

Be sure to check around the speaker wiring also. Usually, shorting out a speaker won’t blow a radio fuse, but it might. I think the other suggestion that backlighting for the window controls might be on the same fuse as the radio is a good possibility.

Sorry to hear that Nissan is still having trouble with power windows. That was a real weak point in the early to mid '90s Maximas. For all I know it still is, but really the current Altima is closer to those '90s Maximas than the current Maxima is.