Nissan Altima Help Please

My mom has a 1999 Nissan Altima. Lately, when you barely press the gas the car kind of “bucks” almost like it is bogging down until you apply more gas. Also, there is a bad vibration in the steering wheel. We have had several different people look at the car and no one can quite figure out what it is. So far we have replaced the brakes, calipers, stabilizer link, master cylinders, tye rod, one boot also put on brand new tires. One person thought it might be the EGR but we cleaned it and it appears to be working. I was writing in hopes that you would be able to help me. I am at a loss and with out the income to keep trying things that are of no help.

If you push the gas and the car bucks, I would first think of the engine and possible misfire. Now someone went after brakes and suspension parts, was this based on diagnostic evaluation or random? How many miles on the car. When was spark plugs, wires, air filter and such changed? Any check engine light?

You have two different issues. Who has been looking at the car? If its been professionals, has all of this been done at national chain-types of places? Has an actual mechanic driven the car & felt the steering vibration? You need to find your best locally owned alignment shop. They should be able to figure out the vibration. What this car ever in an accident?

The stuttering on taking off could be lots and lots of things. There’s no place to start b/c all we know if that you have a 14 yr old car. For all we know you also have 14 yr old spark plugs/fuel filter/air filter etc.

An EGR valve that is opening too soon is one possibility. I’m not at all sure what it means to say that the EGR “appears” to be working. You can’t really eyeball it. I don’t know the EGR system on this car (I’m sure you can find out all about it w/ an internet search), but you can temporarily disable it to see if it makes a difference.