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1998 Mazda B3000 4x4 vacuum lines

My fiance just recently purchased a 1998 Mazda B3000 4x4 without a working 4x4. When we took it to the mechanic (for an emissions fix) he told us the vacuum lines are dried out and the actuator needs to be replaced. Are these parts that my fiance can replace himself (with the help of some mechanically inclined friends) or should he take it to a mechanic? Also, if he can fix it himself could someone please tell us how to do it or where we can find instructions? Thank you so much!

Replacing vacuum lines isn’t hard, but it can get tricky if you aren’t careful. Do one line at a time. The hoses are different diameters, so you need to buy a bunch of hoses of different diameters and cut them to size as you go.

I suspect there is more to the problem than just old vacuum lines, so a mechanic is likely to be needed at some point.

see if ou can find a copy of the factory service book they are a very helpfull tool to have. try e-bay or craigs list

Take pictures and do one at a time.