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1991 Mercedes 190D Restart problem

I have moved to Romania from the U.S and have purchased a 1991 Mercedes 190D. If the engine dies for any reason, it will not immediately restart. You must wait a minute or two or pop the hood and pull up on a vacuum solenoid actuated lever on the side of the injector pump that kills the engine. If you wait, this lever will return upright as if a vacuum is being released. There seems to be another solenoid to the back of the injector pump that may be a release solenoid for this set-up, but the line coming from it to the inside under the dash has been pulled back under the hood and plugged. Can someone suggest a remedy? I am concerned about stalling in traffic and not being able to restart.

You have a vacuum leak in that line. They get old and brittle with age. Chase it down with a Mity-Vac and a Mercedes vacuum diagram. Be systematic in your approach, testing each line and fitting back from the pump.


Thanks for the help. Can you suggest where or how I could get a Mercedes vacuum diagram for this car?

You’ll need the factory repair manual for a 201 chassis.They’re available from MBUSA or through a dealer where you’re at overseas. They are on CD format and run about $40. If you’re going to work on your own car, and you’ll save a lot doing that on this car, you need the manual.


Another good source for the CD manual is E-Bay, but I don’t know about shipping to Europe.


Why make it more difficult than it is? Just use vacuum hand pump to see if EVERY vacuum hose will hold vacuum, or not. Attach the vacuum hand pump to one end of the vacuum hose, and close the other end of the hose with a plug, or a squeeze.
Alternatively, you could replace EVERY vacuum hose. After all, they are 17 years old (and rubber). Hand draw the layout of the vacuum hoses; then, replace them one at a time. Bingo!
For repair instructions, you can go to The subscription is $25 a year.

Well, I certainly wasn’t trying to make things difficult.
That year of Mercedes uses vacuum extensively, from door locks, trunk locks,gas flap door, HVAC controls, fuel shut off and on and on. When I’m working on these cars I find it helpful to know where the plethora of vacuum lines in a bundle are headed and what purpose they serve. I find it hard to keep track of where I’ve been on these complicated systems without using the factory diagram. I also find the factory 201 chassis manual has a lot more model specific information than other sources. But that’s just me.


Thank you for the info. I will see if I can get the disc. Sounds like the best course.