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1998 malibu exhaust

what can I expect to pay for an exhaust system for a 1998 Chevy Malibu, this does not include the catalytic converter.(from the converter back to the tailpipe)

Your best source is the people who actually do this work. I would get an estimate from Midas and a few other exhaust shops, including an independent one. Since you have not bothered to tell us what engine the car has, it’s impossible to tell you on this thread.

Your most expensive will be the dealer.

…and the price could vary considerably, depending upon the part of the US in which you reside. Prices in rural areas tend to be far lower than in NY, Boston, or San Francisco.

With great respect to my friend Doc, I’d suggest a reputable local shop. Even a parts store if there’s one you like. These parts should be readily available and the installation is pretty basic bolt-on.

My familiarity with Midas is anecdotal only, but it includes a lot of stories of high prices and them “pushing” unnecessary work not related to the exhaust system. I’ve even heard stories of them preying on the fear of the owner to sell unnecessary work.

mountainbike; your fears are well grounded! I suggested Midas just to get the estimate in order to get a budget, which OP seems to need. The Midas in my area is competitive and I have dealt with them for a long time. Some of their over-zealous employees will push unneeded work, I agree.

I tell my mother-in-law, who deals with Midas, to only get the item in question fixed and resist any sales push. She’s 92 and has fared well so far.

I agree. Only those with very good sales resistance ever get out of Midas for the original estimated price.

The additional items that they will claim need repair can be…impressive.
Fictional, for sure, but impressive all the same.