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Where in Ann Arbor to get exhaust work, struts and shocks

For my 1999 Toyota Sienna with 120,000 miles, I’m looking for a good place in Ann Arbor to get a new flexpiece welded to the front pipe exhaust, and new struts and shocks. I have always gone to the dealer, but I’m looking to save some $$ if I can. Thank you.

I won’t use Midas Muffler for an engine rebuild, but for mufflers, pipes, struts and shocks I get a price quote for one or two Midas shops.

Thank you.

Find a good local mechanic that does exhaust work…Most do…Midas and pretty much all the national chain muffler shops work on commission…Their prices are NOT that good…and for some reason they ALWAYS find something wrong with your car when you bring it in…Midas has been sued many times for selling unneeded parts in many states.