Cost for fixing Exhaust in Toyota Camry



I have 98 Camry with 138K miles. For last couple of months we started hearing loud engine noise, while starting and the noise increases as we increase the speed.

We took to the Toyota Dealer they mentioned I need to replace the exhaust pipe (or line) and it would cost $1500. Toyota price seemed high so took the car to a nearby Firestone, they told it is going to cost me $800 parts+labor. Two times I took the car to them both times they couldn’t get the correct part (waste of time).

Looking for feedback as whether the prices quoted are reasonable. Are there any impact engine or other parts of the car while driving with this loud noise due exhaust problem.

Appreciate any feedback.


Your best bet when it comes to an exhaust system problem is a general muffler shop. Avoid Firestone, preferably for anything.

It’s difficult to say on the prices since we don’t know exactly where the leak is at.
Mufflers and pre-mufflers (toward the rear) are usually not too expensive and things like converters, header pipes, and exhaust manifolds (toward the front) are usually pricier.


As OK wrote. You want a muffler shop. They have the experience and tools. Often they can fabricate a part that other shops would pay big $$ for or wait for one to be found or delivered. They also tend to do the best job as they really know what they are doing.


Without knowing exactly which parts of the exhaust system need to be replaced, it’s hard to comment on the price, except to say that a Toyota dealer will usually be the most expensive place for any repair.

An independent shop, in your case one specializing in exhaust work, may have a lower price. Firestone specializes in TIRES, not exhaust systems.


hey cisco kid:

the dealerships ALWAYS cost MORE.

unless your car is under warranty… get away from the dealership. do you know of any local mechanic shops? ask your friends where they take their cars.

and please do yourself a favor… forget firestone, unless it’s for tires (providing you like firetone tires.)


where did the post go?

you have to get the exhaust fixed.

  1. to pass auto inspection.

  2. to stay alive.

notice how all auto exhausts are ending at the REAR of the car. that is to get all the carbon monoxide gas behind you. since yours is broken somewhere under the car you ARE (even if you dont believe it) getting poisoned. the further forward the break is in your exhaust line, the worse it is for you.

so the answer to your question, is yes you can drive the car, but it wont do you very much good if you are not here anymore!


Sounds pretty high to me. I’d go to a muffler shop . . . not a chain, and ask them for a quote. You might even ask about a warranty on the job. (parts, I mean). Rocketman