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1998 Lincoln Town Car - Needs an oil pan

How do I change my oil pan?

You could probably find a YouTube video. Not sure, but suspect a Crown Vic/grand Marquis video would apply.
Question though. Why do you want to change it?

Not sure but it might not come out without removing the engine or at least un-doing an engine mount or 2 and lifting it.

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cause a whole is in the pan

My 1998 Buick Regal required you to unbolt the motor mounts on top of the engine and rotate the engine forward to get past a suspension part under the pan. You might need to do the same thing. I. Lund out how to do it in a Haynes manual for the Regal. You might check the public library for a similar manual for the Lincoln, or a Crown Victoria with the same engine.

You should be able to look at it and figure it out.

A lot depends upon the engine option. According to my Lincoln manual the 6 cylinder is reasonably simple but involves dropping the header pipe.

The 4.6 is a whole nother kettle of fish. I didn’t bother to read through all of the steps but it involves a full page of fine print and may require loosening of the rear transmission mount also.

I’ve never had a reason to pull the 4.6 pan on any of my LIncolns but visually speaking I can’t say that I’d ever even want to.

If your current pan involves a stripped drain plug then just repair the plug hole with an oversized drain plug.

These instructions are for a 97 Town Car, but the procedure is the same.