Oil pan

would like to know how to remove oi pan to replace the gasket

The oil pan of WHAT?

Look and see.

Make model and year of your car, motocycle, boat or scooter; engin or transmission?

If you have to ask and if you don’t know enough to tell us more, maybe you should not be trying to do it.

Are we on candid camera ?

How high is up?

Thw reason you’te getting these kind of esponses is that you’ve told us absolutely zero about the vehicle and asked up to tell you how to drop the oil pan. Vehicles differ. Many have transverse members, tie rods, steering racks, and various other things that make dropping the oil pan a major proposition. Some don’t. On some the engine needs to be raised to allow pan removal. That can present other challanges.

The other problem is that seepage around the oil pan gasket can be a sign of an overall worn out engine, an engine exhibiting pressure buildup in the crankcase because of excess cylinder wear, pushing oil past a tired old long-compressed gasket, and replacing the oilpan gasket mey be fruitless.

You’ve given us absolutely nothing to work with here.

And yet here WE are babysitting -and bumping up- this post when the OP hasn’t even visited back to add the pertinent info.

My plea ( again ) to youall regulars ; e-mail the web lackeys and INSIST on a speedy software update to the ‘submit a car question’ page.
When anyone ques up the heading ‘repair and maintainance’ there must be a REQUIRED box to fill out for vehicle information along with the discussion title and question.
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I’ve done this twice already about a month ago or so.

so sry

1999 dakota 3.9 having trouble removing the oil pan
would like to now how to remove

If all the bolts are out of the oil pan, take a heavy mallet and smack the side of the oil pan to break the bond between the pan and engine block.


You really need to get a repair manual for this truck if your going to work on it. A factory service repair manual is the absolute best, but pricey. A Haynes manual for less than $20 can help in a big way. http://www.haynes.com/ They are also available at most auto parts stores, like O’Reillys and Pep Boys.

According to my book, you will need to disconnect the motor mounts and raise the engine to clear the front cross-member. You also need to disconnect the exhaust before raising the engine. Do you have an engine hoist or strong floor jack?

“And yet here WE are babysitting -and bumping up- this post when the OP hasn’t even visited back to add the pertinent info.”

These details have never stopped a flood of responses before…

Didn’t the OP say it was a 99 Dakota? With a 3.9 engine. Or was that someone else?? You dont need the mileage or color of the truck!