'03 Dodge oil pan

A friend wants to remove the oil pan from his '03 Dodge Dakota V6. Can it be done without lifting the engine some? Does he need a certain piston up so the pan can clear the crankshaft?

Nobody’s posted, so I’m guessing that nobody’s done this job lately.
Let me suggest a Haynes manual.

Thanks, maybe sommeone will post soon.

Usually, you can tell just by looking at it…What is blocking the oil pan? The Frame? Then for sure the motor mounts will have to be unbolted and the engine jacked up…The oil pump pick-up rests in the bottom of the sump and THAT will determine how high you will have to raise the engine in order to slip the pan out…Why are you taking the pan off?

Here’s how this job usually goes.

The engine will have to jacked up far enough so the oil pan can be dropped to a point where you gain access to the oil pump bolts. Once the oil pump bolts are removed and the oil pump is allowed to drop into the oil pan, the crankshaft is rotated by hand so the lobes move out of the way of the oil pan as it’s removed.

That’s the easy version.


That’s the easy version, hu tester? I am afraid he has a bigger job than he can handle. He evidently has no oil pressure. The light is on and the rocker arms are rattling. He probably has ruined the engine.