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1989 GMC jimmy v1500 4x4 oil pan replacement

Hello, I was looking for someone who might know what I would have to do to change out the oil pan.
The rust has finally eaten away at the sides and it just leaks through the rust spots.
I have heard that I will have to lift the engine but I do not have the tools for that, or the money to get it done at a shop.
Any info would be awesome Thank you

I do believe you heard that right. The pan won’t clear the crankshaft and the crossmember without lifting the engine. That means un-bolting at least one engine mount and maybe 2. You need a way to lift the engine from the top while you can still get under the truck to remove the pan.

Given your financial problems, I’d suggest buying some epoxy putty at a marine supply store. Drain the oil. Clean the loose rust and oil off the pan at the leaks and apply a layer of the mixed putty all over the bad spots and let dry. Might buy you some time.

funny that you say that I have tried that about 4 times now, every time no matter how thick or how much I clean it off it still finds its way through. I am starting to think that its just to far gone to apply the band aids too. Tho I do appreciate you help and suggestions! I think my buddy has a lift so we can give it a shot I’m just worried about something else breaking when the engine gets lifted 30 years of Wisconsin winters has not been kind to the poor girl.

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i used a floor jack to lift front edge of block using a steel bar and removed motor mount bolts and lifted motor enough to remove pan. yes the jack can move while you do this so care is needed. i put a spacer in the motor mount gap to prevent motor from falling back as a precaution. chevy small block but each rig is different for access. you could put truck on ramps and use jack. not exactly high tech

Remove the upper fan shroud.

Remove the radiator hoses from the radiator

Remove the bolts from the motor mounts.

Using a jack, raise the engine as high as it will go at the crankshaft pulley.

Place pieces of 2X4 between the motor mounts and motor mount brackets.

Lower the engine and remove the jack.

Remove the oil pan bolts and let oil pan drop down on the cross member.

Reaching between the engine and oil pan, remove the oil pump bolts and let the oil pump drop into the oil pan.

With a breaker bar and socket on the crankshaft bolt, rotate the crankshaft to rotate the crankshaft lobes out of the way while pulling the oil pan towards the radiator.

Remove the oil pan


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