1998 JEEP Cherokee stalls

I’ve replaced the plugs & wires, distributor & idle module in hope of correcting an idle stall. It runs like a champ but still stalls when I let off the gas at a light, take a turn etc. Sometime in morning when its cool…it runs normal…but when it gets hot or the air con. is on…it stalls. I checked the wires above & below…tightened the value covers. I think it could be clogged lines to fuel injector. I hope someone has seen this problem before. I’ve put a grand into the earlier efforts to correct the problem, so desperately hope to do it myself.

thanks for any advice,


Mike, The “Check Engine Light” Doesn’t Illuminate?


P.S. Please tell the folks at home which engine you’ve got. Do you know if it’s throttle body injection, multi port injecion, etcetera?