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1989 Chev. Celebrity stalling when hot

The car has 73,600 miles, 2.5L, 4 Cyl. The car runs fine for short trips around the neighborhood, but when driving on the freeway or in very hot weather it stalls when stopping at a light or exiting the freeway. The engine will start again right away, but the car moves about 12 inches and stalls again. Mechanic changed the spark plugs, put in new EGR valve and added an injector cleaner. Yesterday after driving about 12 miles it stalled again and had to be towed.

If not already done, replace fuel filter, next have the mechanic check the ignition coils. They may be failing when hot.

When you say stalls, does it just quit dead, of does seem that it is running out of gas? Is the check engine light on?

The ignition control module was a common failure on this engine. It’s on the back side of the engine between the engine and transmission where it’s exposed to alot of heat. I’d start there.

When slowing down to get to a light, say, it seems to run out of power and then after getting to a complete stop, it stalls completely. Check engine light does not come on.