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'97 Jeep Cherokee XJ Stalling problems

Hello, I am a new driver. I just got my license today. However, despite my short time spent on the road, of the time I have spent with a permit driving this Jeep Cherokee XJ '97 for (about half a year), I have run into many problems. I replaced the NSS, I had to clean out the fuel injector and I had numerous stalling problems. I also replaced the battery.

EDIT: I should also include it has 183,000 miles on it.

The problem is today, I was driving in near 100 degree F weather under stop and go traffic. Temp is fine, however at an intersection I stall. When trying to turn on the car, no “Check Engine” light came on, so I am not sure what to do about it. We left the car for an hour, came back and it worked! We drove it home. Whenever we have had stalling problems with this car, we would wait for an hour or two, come back later and it would start up fine.

1997 Jeep Cherokee XJ has stalling problems, no check engine light. Temperature is fine & I just did an oil change. Every time it stalls, I can wait for an hour or two and it starts back up and runs for long enough to get me home. Any help?

Thanks, Marshal.

The first things that come to mind are a failing crankshaft position sensor or ignition coil. When the motor is dead, check for spark.

Thanks for the reply! I will definitely look into the crankshaft sensor, only thing I was questioning is the ignition coil wouldn’t make you stall right? Also when the motor is dead, check where for spark?

Anyways thanks!

If the ignition coil fails, you get not electricity to the spark plugs and therefore, no spark.

You can purchase a cheap spark tester at most auto parts stores. Spark tester

thanks man, you’ve been a big help. I will look into that.

As a new driver I strongly advise you to drive in the far right hand lane as much as possible. If it stalls you will be next to the road shoulder if there is one. If you stall in the far left hand lane you might be forced to cross the road with 60 + MPH vehicles coming at you.

Funny thing is when I stalled I was in the left lane going straight. The right lane was turning right only. Someone was nice enough to help me push it across… It stalled when I was idle at the stoplight so I couldn’t coast onto the shoulder.

Thanks anyways though, I’ll definitely follow the advice!

It could be the ignition coil but the crank angle sensor is notorious for intermittant failure.

Yeah many people have been saying that. Could it also possibly be the PMC? Some people say that is the problem with is

As for cars in general, the pcm is usually pretty reliable, and not the problem

It’s usually only considered after all testing has been performed and all other possibilities have been ruled out

It’s safe to say that many pcms have needlessly been replaced, and the original problem still exists

Ok so for now we can rule that out. Tomorrow I will talk to my father’s friend who is a mechanic and ask him about the crank sensor. Thanks all for the help!

Few would notice that the check engine light is inoperative during a no start condition, in this case it is a good indicator.

With a JTEC controller, (your PCM) if one of the 5 volt fed sensors is shorted the PCM will temporarily crash. The crankshaft position sensor is the most likely problem in this case. The check engine light will not illuminate with the ignition on and a scan tool won’t be able to communicate with the PCM.

I would replace the crankshaft position sensor before driving the vehicle again. It looks like it is difficult to reach but with a long extension and a 7/16" socket the bolts can be removed from below. I have replace these crankshaft position sensors in the parking lot so I wouldn’t have to push the vehicle into the shop.