1998 JEEP Cherokee stalls

v6 multi port injection…drove thirty miles this morn…not a problem…no chk light. ran perfect. then a minute ago. bam it stalls when I let off the gas. I’ve thought about the cat con…but the erratic behavior makes me think flakes of rust etc. glogging fuel inj. I’m just hoping to hear from someone that has seen this before. I’ve put a grand into mechanics running through the A-Z list. I know its an old car…I just don’t have the money to buy a new one or leave my car in the shop for 2/3 days (again) pay & still have the problem.

Mike, You Came Back!

I take it that a “check engine” light has never illuminated. Have any codes ever been set by this problem?


Is This An Automatic? What About A Torque Converter Not Unlocking?

When it stalls are you at cruising speed or at idle or close to it?


I Had A Chrysler Engine Do This Because Of A Problem With The MAP Sensor.

Mine was a moisture related problem. Once the engine heated up, the moisture would make the Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor fail. Slow down to turn and the engine shuts down. I did have a MAP code, however. Check the condition of the tubing, connector and MAP sensor for moisture or damage.

the chk eng light more or less came on a 100k mi. but now it comes and goes.

an automatic. it usually, not always, stalls when I let off the gas. taking turns, stopping etc. but sometimes runs normal. usually in cool weather.

this sounds exactly right. I will study the repair manual on MAP sensor. yesterday afternoon & this morning it ran great…then right back to the stall problem. cost much? I guess a dealer repair of some sort?

thank you thank you thank you

Mike, That Map Sensor Idea Is A Guess. There Are Procedures For Checking Voltage, Etcetera.

Just replacing the sensor may turn out to be an expensive guess. Study up on it first and see if you can “catch it in the act”. These intermittent problems are hard to track down unless you can check things while the problem is in progress.

Take a look at the Autozone website. They give some procedures for checking these things. While you’re out and about, especially when it’s acting up, stop by an Autozone or Advance Parts store and they should be able to pull any set codes from your Jeep’s computer, for free. This could give you a clue. Write down the exact code(s), like PO123 and post it/them here.

Another possible problem may be a vacuum leak. Possibly the intake manifold or faulty vacuum hose.

autozone’s chk showed problems w/PO 127 (MAP sensor), PO320 speed input, & P 1296 refer to dealer…do any of these sound more likely? and do you know what the P 1296 refers to?

thank you