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1998 Honda CRV High Pitched Noise

Got a high pitched constant noise coming from my CRV. See video here:

Before I shot the video this morning, I cranked it and listened for a bit. The noise didn’t start until it had been idling for about a minute and a half. I checked the temp guage and it still hadn’t moved, so it wasn’t technically warmed up yet, but maybe it had just started to warm up and just hadn’t registered yet. In my opinion, it is not coming from the accessory side of things, which is why you see me concentrate the camera mostly front and center. Just seemed like it was alot louder there. Could it be a timing belt bearing?

Try a long screwdriver or rod pushed against an ear and different places around the top of the engine. Try pushing against the baffles you can reach…maybe you have a “singing” baffle.

Anybody else got any ideas?

Sounds like a vacuum leak to me.

The best I can say is to feel around all the vacuum hoses…hoping your fingers will find the leak.


Wouldn’t a vacuum leak be noticeable as soon as you start the engine? This doesn’t start until it has been idling about a minute and a half.

I guess I should also tell you guys there are no check engine lights or error codes.

Possibly an serpentine belt idler pulley or the bearing on same.

From below you may be able to notice if the noise is coming from the transmission or something belt driven like the alternator, the front pump on the transmission can squeal like that.